Thursday, 13 May 2010

my dear little sister

little already grouw up....and coming to 20 soon.....tis the time you grouw up you mind...start to think like people that have thinking n responsible...u not going to young anymore.....u just adult now....u should think where is you future....which one is most important to you...dun always lazy to think you future...this is you life...u not going to depend to any one in this world...u going to became one of the old people in this world....try to appreciate wat you family give you./..educate you from u grow up every second...every minute...every hours...there is no time to go back again....only keep move on..keep move on even you in the middle of the worlds...dun act like childish anymore...give you respect to you self a bit..dun promise to any one if you could do it...cus u will hurt people...that you never known that she/he is hurting by is the everything in our life...dun just because that you already big n can find is no more...sumday..or one day you will became mother and have you own family....dun you want have a great daughter and son....u wnat them became like you course no...sometimes you need to learn to responsible in you action and you self and people besides you...u need to known which situation is suitable for you to follow..which is not suitable to you to follow...we only have one chance in this dun waste this change to things that really not going can find again...friends can find again..but family? could you find it again...? u think it about wat is you life about...u have grow up in nice family it just you accept it as you part of you life...this is my word for you.

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