Thursday, 20 May 2010

my........if i could wish again..can it be....

i dunno Wat is wrong with my life...i hate being crying...tears..i hate being like this..i really2 hate my self so much...i really hate it haunted me like this..i could express it..cant let it go even ido so..but it still come back...i trying to open it but i know i cant...i know i cant...i just not stupid..i just not..i hate being hurt..i really2 hate being hurt..i really hate is so badly...i being through my life so really2 hurt memories...trying to cover it all..but it just not enough to let it not easy for me going with tis all..i really2 want it so badly to enjoy wat people doing....but i know i cant...cus i know..i will became more than that..sometimes it strong enough is not enough...dying....i really2 dying with this all...dying with something that i cant let it be...dying with life that i have..dying with all the guilty that i have...i know how it feel when you lost someone that you love so much.. Africa is the only things that i really make my mind open so much cus i know how they feel...i known how they being through all they life..because of they i keep think positive..cus i know..there is someone is dying and trying to keep they self alive...i dunno how the love but all i know great if you have love in you life..i always dreaming with have a great family..never tot,...if i can wish away from away from my away from wat i from wat i away from wat i doing...find again who i am...because...doing like that..i wont being hurt like this..if i could wish again..please..please..please...dun being hurt like this...cus i really cant take it anymore...cus i dun want to my heart full with tears and hate....nobody to say...nobody to share..nobody to hug..nobody to cry..nobody borrow shoulder..nobody to just just me and just me and momo..maybe them say is true..i cant be in the family..cus..reason..reason..if reborn again..can dun being like much i much i much i happy..but...this all is gone..and wat so sad is..make my life turn down and gone..being young also hurt..being grow up also hurt..

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