Monday, 10 May 2010

Room 13 and six......

aleciana san is a good friends and always try her best to help her friends and never let her friends be a alone. but she really have a bad temper but with her bad temper that how she be became a strong person, she can be so emotional person when you get to known her and close with her.hahaha even she dun show it but she is. still remember when we go sing at kk box we two only it was so fun and sot2 and go watch movie..pun we two2 also...kekeke^^thanks you for spend me sometimes....keke^^ she love to eat2......specially the mc donald oh...hahah^^

ang aga mun san really a little girl...haha....but she have a big heart for everyone...all the negative she can turn it to positive even sometimes it get wrong but she dun care it...haha...she can make everything is positive...ekke^^ she really love to sing all the time and love to make stupid things o make we smile along to act like baby specially the sound that she make..ahha^.^ for us mun is like our little2 sis that we need always to remind she cus she always forgot or leave her things around place in the class or somewhere...haahah^^

josephine sobrepena san...fuyoo...she is the most expensive student in the class leh...cus she love to buy brand almost her things is brand de oh...she love to dream all the times..i mean not dream all the time..almost..ekke^^ on of her biggest dream is to meet a good looking husband and get married and have a romantics marriage~!!!^__^ she love to hold hands every times and sometimes the way she talk can make u laugh event not funny wat she talking about but the way she talk..haha^__^when we at airplane to Philippine, indo keep tell me dun panic just relax cus it was first time go another country..keke^^ all the memories indo dun forgot yea when we went to there yea..thanks for you family take care us at there..
she have a great families but she need to try or must control how to use money and spend money...and dun dream2 liao oh...ahhaha...zhen de ma remember tue.....haha^^ thanks you indo for spend me sometimes^__^

chew shu fen san...have a great or big2 heart..she always take care of me and help me when i have problem..shu fen san is love to sleep early than normal people do..hahahahahah...^^ she always take care us at class and always help us...she is really hard working girls every time will go back help her mom even me pun lazy oh..hahah^_^....but she is really such a emotional person oh...never tot that she is like that...and shu fen thank you for share or tell me or trust me **** cus i really appreciate that..u really a strong girl so keep it until the very2 end....^__^ and thanks for spend me shufen...ekke^^

paula ollie imbayan san is my twin sister cus many people tell us that we look same like sisters..keke^_^seriously..she love to help her friends and love to do crazy things...kekeke.. she love to make cup cake and cake2 lah..keke^^ hope she will open a shop cake someday..hihiih^^ she is model that have potential to be supermodel..hihi^_^ still remember bring me to tongs to buy things...spend me eat western food breakfast...keke^^

wawa san...still remember the night at sandakan...we talk a lot thing until didn't release the times i already 5 or 6 am morning...hahaha^__^ really miss that time...still remember go to labuan with was so her families specially wawa sporting...kekek^_^ always take care oh wawa...dun a lot oh..dun diet oh....always drink many2 water oh...dun sick2 again oh..^__^

denise chong mui kuan san...really talk person..haha..i really thanks you to denise..for try help me...i still remember that...i will never forgot it..cus it really touch my eye to hear you say like that...thanks you...u have a great personality..i never try to being closed with you before but i think i more understand and more known you now cus i know that u not that bad...and trying be cool at all the situation that you have been....^.^ and treat me as you little sister...keke^.^

jenny foo koo san san...our big sister in the class...kekek^_^ give a afternoon story about *sex* to us so that we can understand it more hahahahha..^^ dun angry arh jenny.....kekek^^ thank you jenny on my birthday that day..u lah the person bring me go out night that i never think or tot will go...let me experience this kind of things...keke^^ wish can go with you again..bring me go see ah gua...wah..really miss that time...go eat at kampung air..spend me...thanks for give me this sweet2 memories^.^ drive me back...thanks you...^__^

chong siaw ling san...the candy2 girl cus she always bring candy all the time..kekek^^ always there if we want eat candy...hihi^^ sweet person and also such a emotional person..but she strong to go through all her things...never give up and always try the best for her things or life...and the 'funny about siaw ling is when she laugh...hahah..really can make u smile all the time oh..keke^^hahahahahahahahahhaha

josephine foo koo mei...this girl working all the time but at night time...ekke^^but she never complain about her work and it want make we see her as a strong girl but the true is she can be soo emotional when you get to know her more..she love to eat kfc al the time but now no eat rice liao...yeah!!! ahahahahahahahahahaha...i always call her okasan cus for me she is okasan oh...kekek^^ dun forgot our training day at courtyard hotel oh...even it so tired but still great~~!! when we go eat burger,kfc, pizza...toilet then meet *japanese guy yang miang*!!! ahahahahahah..^_^ thanks for help me all the time during our practical days...and for spend me also thank you yea....hihihi^^ always do the best and find the best things for you self oh...^_^

richaelle leong su kuai san....the big2 boss at our class..cus he really do like boss and act like big boss also...hahahhahahahahahahahah..^_^ she always make sure all her work done..she really working really hard...still remember the day she birthday on years was a great memories with her that time cus we go yumcha at gaya street then we eat funny if remember back oh..then bring me go watch at late night ahahah...really so crazy oh that time...let me sleep at you house..thanks you rich for all that you ever help me..really...bring me go watch movie until 2am..hahahah..cus let me experience this you really big unnie you very2 strong..keke^^

dalbons jalabin brother that have a voice..ekke^^wish you can be a great singer someday...hihihi^_^ that times dun forgot us oh....^^ u always try you best to help you friends..i can see it..cus u really a good friends to us..always guide us and advice me...thanks you...keke^^love you very strong lah..^.^ wish u all the best oh....old dah ko tue....faster2 marry lah...ahhahaha^__^ invite us oh..

the last chapter or the chapter of my life is our lecturer miss reni....
she not like lecture cus for me she more to be my friend...will remember all the time when we first meet...when we hang on the phone and talk until hours haha..talk2 a lot movei at late night..when you drive me back home from labuan...when we at at tanjung lipat play water....when you and rich and me fallen down in the sea...when you lost you watch...when we talk about personal things...when we eat at tanjung aru...when you celebrate my birthday..when you all bring me to sutera habour....when we at see view at wisma merdeka.....when i cry....u always there... when u bring me go see ah gua..when at kampung air eta....sylvi muntah..hahahaah.... mis all this i will remember de...miss thanks for everything..miss must stay strong matter wat going on...stay at the place that u feel so strong and can give u energy..ekke^^ thanks for let me cry on that dinner.....hahahahahahhaha..u win...!! spend me oh!!!! hahahaah

it all about the room 13 or room sex.....a lot memories that we build together and smile together, cry together...walk you all very2 strong.....hope we can stay until forever.......^_______^

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