Saturday, 5 June 2010


it Friday ..but i keep doing he same things everyday....i keep dreaming....dreaming what i going to be in the i going to get through all this i going to be independents in this world....there so much wish and dream that i have in my life but i cant have it all cus it just too many until i cant get it to be one in my future. sometimes maybe i ask to much from god or it give me to many wish and dream to be.?? life is complicate sometimes to get to know but i still trying my best to get to know it and get to handle ad balance it in my world. sometimes keep thinking the same reason why am i be in this world..i think i get the answer already. maybe not all things that i can understand or to get to know it but i will never give up to find it...because i believe someday i will know the answer. find my self that i wont lost again in my way. live with no regrets any more even so still live with it cus i believe it it has to be you...god..let me understand it someday..let me know why is it....~~~