Wednesday, 28 July 2010


it almost end of the July already.....there so many happen at this month...and i trying to get along with all this...and i begin more grow up with this things, i could t stand any more with my self with this thinking, b'cus i expect too much already with things around my life and with too much hope already. i let my self became hard to get along, think too much, pressure. i never know that how realistic i live in this world until i really experience it and feel it. i shouldn't expect too much from any body, shouldn't expect too much hope. cus until the end i going to let down my self. i really can feel the pressure that you put it on me and the i really do feel the hope that you give me. i really2 do want to do the best for you and my self but i do have my own choice to make it. and now..i became more confused with myself..i dunno where is the best way for me and i scared to make you disappointed with my own choice cus i know how hard you work for us...but still......

Sunday, 11 July 2010

how my college life......full with color.....~~`

it really funny....but it was really great memories for us...haha~~~love this moments...miss this moments..~~

can you see? ??

can you see how selfish you could you compare us to someone that you just know that could you compare our love and care to someone that you just could you compare us like this....i really cant understand what you thinking? what you want? how to make you understands? it that really hard for you to get it? that really hard for you put out you hands to this all.....the relationship that we have really cant compare with this ?? make me understands about this? i really2 dun get it..~~~u need do we.....!!!~~~i really want to know...why...why...why....~~it that really hard for you answer that really hard to follow the that really hard to get can you just give up like could you just throw it could you make it easy to throw it like this...!!!!! i really dunno get it.....

The day i spend with my friends..~~~

This is how i spend my day with my friends....specially for me and aleciana...cus this is teh first time ANG NGA MUN drive car...ahah~~~we really lucky to get in...hahah~~~~~and the next one round....hope ciana will drive us to..ahaha~~~