Sunday, 4 July 2010


Today is my first time and my day trip been to mantanani islands which is the best and most beautiful islands at sabah take about 1 hours and the half to arrived at there jetty and by jetty is about 45 minute. well...for the first time been really beautiful and it really relax place to have it...and i really enjoy my day...and also i get chance to learn how to swim today which is the France people that willing to teach me swim...ahahaha^^well...thanks to him.....cus now..i can swim a bit now....if i practice more....sure i can swim very well now..ahaha~~^_^...he really a nice and great guy...ehhe^^well....there is somethings that him make me realize that...sometimes it true that we can be alone with this life but everyone need partner in this life o that we wont be alone for forever.and he make me realize about great to have someone in our life so that we wont feel so empty in this life. being independent is the first step that i need to do for now. and give me some advice that i can use it in my daily life.....but it still it complicated.

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