Sunday, 8 August 2010

August~~~~~~ AUGUST month~~~^_^ it another month again~~~in 2010. well left 4 month to go 2011~~~the time goes so fast and dint realize how fast was it. and i still in the ways to make my mind to every step that i have to choice it. make a choice for the future that i going to stay with it until i can reach it.wish to have a second choice for the step i take it but it hard as it could be the one for me. how much i wish that i can be like the to everywhere that i wish it. A lot of choice that we have in our life..opportunities....but we still need find and get the best answer for us. when we still kids,small kids, we alawysy find that everything is weird and cute and easy and (we)little kids like to depend on it and but when we growing up to became adult we find that everything is more complicated and became more hard as we see when we small kids. cant have it all in the same time and always have to make a choice for every step that we take it. the way we talk,thinking.relationship and have...always have a second choice to choose it, how i wonder that when we still kids there always easy for us to have it than we growing up. it like a fairy tales story of our life.

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