Saturday, 25 September 2010

New of me..~~picure time~~~~

This was super crazy for me to get it......well....i guess it was really fun experience for me~~haha!

New episode again from me, it been a while dint update my new picture.. i guess it time for me to SSS again in here...hahaha..^___^

Friday, 17 September 2010

it been a while~~~~

it been a while now~~~~just got time to update my blog nowWW~~~i misss you guys so much ~~~~miss to my blog~~~~~~^_^ feel so tired when start working now..~~`have to enjoy it but it really tired to make it~~~but still gonna have fun with it~~~~!!!!!^_^

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

1ST SEPTEMBER 2010....

It September people~~~well another month to go through~~~ back in August there a lot happen and it really unpredictable experience for me...hahaha^_^ but i manage to get it all down.hihihih^^ but every month i learn a new experience, meet a different people around words, meet a new friends and so on~~~^^. i really gratefully that for all that i get through.^_^ even it hard but i still summit it until the end of month. now, i can see that how reality that i step in now, it feel weird at the first but i do learn it step by step. and it will never stop to step in. staying in dreaming is really great to dream it but after dream better back to reality in life. cus it wont happen just to dreaming it. i realize a lot things that i never know and never see. we as human only have one ln life in our life time so grab all as you can grab it and experience it ever moment that you have.everything cant stay longer with you but you could make it if you really want it.meeting with people older than me make me realize a lot hings about this life.