Sunday, 31 October 2010


Since this two days there a lot happen in my life, can say the worst one but not really the worst one but it realize me a lot from this two days. think that everything is fine but the truth is still the same. think that i can go with pleased with achieved my dream to make my life better and my future. so much i want to be it and now i can only dream it. really never through that everything can run like this. i do really can let this go and go for my dream but i still have my siblings here, i cant be self-fish to there and let them be around like this. i need to help them to achieved them dream and i couldn't stay it if i really lost them. because they is my main important in my life and i can let go anything even if my dream but not them. if i could choice it again, i rather not be born like this.

God, sometimes you give me too many option to my decision but in the end there also a reason for it right.?? i never want to question it but sometime it just too much for me to get it. it really broken heart to see how the family be like this. just a liittle wish, dream,hope.. it that really hard to achieved it..? it just too much to care on with life like this, i cant ever to ask more than what have we have but if there any way to get this all better i rather preference to have nothing then have this kind of broken heart.i really tired to have this feel of broken heart, i get bored it. it hurts to be like this and it hurts to get through it and it really hurts to see how broken heart we are.

Now...again broken heart and hurts again with these word and these feeling. Do we have to go until the end of our life with this..? Do we have to fight with just a small matters to get what it right..? Do we have to lost someone to get realize what have we done..?

Making a decision that could change my life for better but now have to let it go for my family life. though they will understand it and think what is the best but i guess it wrong and couldn't never change them mind. because knowing them better than my self. i should know from the beginning that this could happen again and i shouldn't hoping it soo much. because it hurts and maybe making a good decision could make everyone stay in better condition's.

Saturday, 30 October 2010


THAT ME~~~!!! ^_^

Taking some picture of my little sweetie DIARY:))


haha....found some stuff that make me refresh my best friends....MY DIARY!!! oh not going to believe what i write inside these really funny!!!! haha:)) all my little secret was inside there..i cant believe it~~~i still keep these book...:)) WHEN I READ ALL THAT I HAVE BEEN WRITE ABOUT...I FOUND THAT I WAS SO CHILDISH THAT TIME...but now...i can see how much already i grow up now...and how i became a young women now..:)) I do really miss my kids time but people always and will be to be grow up in sometime and we have to get ready for a coming soon life for us.


haha....FAMILY PHOTO~~:))

That our group photo in GAYANA RESORT~~:)

THAT our trip went to GAYANA actually for interview for jobs but we went there as our trip...hihi:) any way it was a good experience for us and we really having fun over there specially in the god!! you not going to believe what have we all done in the boat...haha^^ I GUESS OUR GROUP BECAME THE MODEL BOAT OVER THERE!!! :) really enjoy over there...and really miss these days....^_^:))) it sad we leave these memories behind us but it still the greatest thing that happen between US..:))

trying Dress....BLACK AND WHITE~~

just a little thing that broken it.

i really hate to be it. sometimes i just didnt get it how much should i take it to be strong. i just don't get it.~~i never know it will come like this. i hate to take my own decision with me because it just wont work out.there always a wrong decision been make,i just need some correct way to make my own way to look better and see the future..i really do such a loser people even a small little things i can make it properly or do it nicely.but i didn't wish it be too...but how could you throw these word to me.i just a little girl that have to learn mistake just a little but you take it as a big wrong to me and throw these word to me. i trying to think in different way to positive but not every time be it..i alwasy want to be the best for everything i do to make you feel proud but i guess it wrong to make it.i trying make my life with patient in every things i do. promise to my self not too cry anymore and not to be weak anymore human cant change easily..same with me..~~~sometimes life is so hard for me to get through it but i'm human and i cant get through my life with easy way...sometimes i really do hate being in my situation that full with drama of my life but THIS IS LIFE right...nobody is perfect and we just have to move on our life and caring on our life with this way to make a life for us. but i have to be strong for my life now..cus i will have nobody with me gotta work hard for everything from now and make my life better and better.

Monday, 25 October 2010

23-24 OCTOBER 2010♥♥♥♥

The most memorable in my life...joining the climbathon**mountain kinabalu in my life. with my best sweetie CHE SHU FEN...hihi..and we MANAGE GET A MEDAL FOR IT!! YUHUUUU **well gotta say that it was really hard then what we tot from the beginning, and it was so damn hard and damn tired. but still a good experience for me to experience it.even throung we didn't make it until summit but still we manage it until half of it and we feel so great that we can make it even how hard was it. it really going to take you spirit for it!!!haha... telling my self no more again for this but actually it quite fun but for sure no more for then climbathon!! going for 2day1nights activities.:)) hehe along our journey to there was so awesome, meeting a lot people from different countries and just for to join the climbathon in here, well...I SO PROUD BORN IN SABAH!!! :) staying in dorm and share with some participant for climbathon and tell each other experience, story. it pretty cool! *chit chat until late night with some of them..hehehe:)) the most important gotta say thank you for god cus keep us safety arrived and thank you god for bless us^_^♥♥
This is me and shu fen, our MEDAL for it~~♥♥ take some picture with it

this where we staying in kundasang...really love the view over there and it was really nice place to stay with♥♥♥♥

Our key room number..**lucky 6♥♥

that our DINNER time...yummy~~~:))