Sunday, 10 October 2010


it really special date...specially the number of date~~~it match well with the date..month...and YEAR~~!!! it Sunday`~staying in time before going to Monday`~hahahaha^^ for today...i the QUEEN kitchen mom not feeling well today so i have to be n kitchen today to cooking ~~~!!:)) ***well...not all the day in kitchen `~^^ it feel great can rest at home...well..home sweet home ma~~hihihi....feel a bit tired do home work but still enjoy it~~~even through i going crazy soon~~!!!! i soo addicted to my blog now~~i guess form blog is my best friend now..haha^^ the "paper" that i can write about. all the 5 KINGDOM OF HOUSE IN HOUSE ?**include me(siblings)~~~hihiihii^_^ weekend is really great to be with you family~~~it feel great and awesome~~~~^_^ DOLCE VITA PEOPLE~~~~:))

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