Monday, 25 October 2010

23-24 OCTOBER 2010♥♥♥♥

The most memorable in my life...joining the climbathon**mountain kinabalu in my life. with my best sweetie CHE SHU FEN...hihi..and we MANAGE GET A MEDAL FOR IT!! YUHUUUU **well gotta say that it was really hard then what we tot from the beginning, and it was so damn hard and damn tired. but still a good experience for me to experience it.even throung we didn't make it until summit but still we manage it until half of it and we feel so great that we can make it even how hard was it. it really going to take you spirit for it!!!haha... telling my self no more again for this but actually it quite fun but for sure no more for then climbathon!! going for 2day1nights activities.:)) hehe along our journey to there was so awesome, meeting a lot people from different countries and just for to join the climbathon in here, well...I SO PROUD BORN IN SABAH!!! :) staying in dorm and share with some participant for climbathon and tell each other experience, story. it pretty cool! *chit chat until late night with some of them..hehehe:)) the most important gotta say thank you for god cus keep us safety arrived and thank you god for bless us^_^♥♥
This is me and shu fen, our MEDAL for it~~♥♥ take some picture with it

this where we staying in kundasang...really love the view over there and it was really nice place to stay with♥♥♥♥

Our key room number..**lucky 6♥♥

that our DINNER time...yummy~~~:))

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