Saturday, 9 October 2010


Ever since i start working, i learn a lot things, experience that i never have before in my life. i guess this what we call life.."right"....~~well, with my experience working, meeting a lot people, different people, i guess i just realize that life is o big for us to get to know each other. and i became more grow up and more mature with my self now, i learn it from bottom until up now i can know which direction should i take it. human cant get enough with one time only, so do i. i always believe that, we can turn back a little bit to get the time back but know i realize and i really open my eye with big mind now. nothing is FOREVER to us. i always think that thing will easily will work out but now...there is no more to believe it. things wont easily work out. i always think that i have "PITY LIFE" TO MYSELF BUT I CHANGE MY MIND NOW, THE TRULY PITY LIFE IS WHEN YOU LOST TRUST WITH YOURSELF. Sometimes being hurt is the best way to get all out form here. even through i don't have all in my life, even i don't have a perfect life But i still grateful with it be destiny for me. sometime what have been fated for us is sometimes that we cant really get it away or run from it cus what have been really fated for us is something that we cant change it. like people alwasy say that" WE ONLY HAVE ONE TIME LIFE AND ONCE WE LOST IT...THERE IS NO WAY TO TURN IT BACK AGAIN SO APPRECIATE ALL THAT YOU HAVE IN THIS TIME"

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