Saturday, 30 October 2010

just a little thing that broken it.

i really hate to be it. sometimes i just didnt get it how much should i take it to be strong. i just don't get it.~~i never know it will come like this. i hate to take my own decision with me because it just wont work out.there always a wrong decision been make,i just need some correct way to make my own way to look better and see the future..i really do such a loser people even a small little things i can make it properly or do it nicely.but i didn't wish it be too...but how could you throw these word to me.i just a little girl that have to learn mistake just a little but you take it as a big wrong to me and throw these word to me. i trying to think in different way to positive but not every time be it..i alwasy want to be the best for everything i do to make you feel proud but i guess it wrong to make it.i trying make my life with patient in every things i do. promise to my self not too cry anymore and not to be weak anymore human cant change easily..same with me..~~~sometimes life is so hard for me to get through it but i'm human and i cant get through my life with easy way...sometimes i really do hate being in my situation that full with drama of my life but THIS IS LIFE right...nobody is perfect and we just have to move on our life and caring on our life with this way to make a life for us. but i have to be strong for my life now..cus i will have nobody with me gotta work hard for everything from now and make my life better and better.

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