Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Second Trip In PHILIPINES~~~

Alex~~~~he super cool~~~~at his pose...hahahaha
this is how sweet Josephine cousin with husband....really jealous of them~~~:)
we sit together~~~~in the bus~~~!!!
Eddie pose~~~!!!! he really super tired~~~hahaha
finally we at bus now~~to go enchanted kingdom`~~here we come!!!
while we walk to terminal, take some picture of two queen first~~~hihi
this call "JIP" the famous vehicle in manila..have to try this~~~it really great!

we walk to terminal to take a bus~~~huu...super hot that time!!
It station gas~~~~so different with our country, right?^^
this is where we going to eat now~~~
having some breakfast first before depart to enchanted kingdom~~~
Eddie.....which camera you look at~~~???
buying donuts now~~~~~


Josephine & ciana in jip time~~~

holding hand like our mama and father in shopping mall~~~^^
dunno how to describe it~~~~


I really enjoy my trip to PHILIPPINE, it was my first time to traveling without my parents or any relatives...so i guess i quite smart right`~~hahaha^^ kidding only...:)) well....i do learn a lot form my vacation over there, specially get to know about how people living there, how they survivor with they life and see the kid around the road selling food and go ask one by one to sell their food. this is how they make life with a strong heart and patient that i should learn it. watch the kids sell their food or product in the road, it make me get so emotional and keep me wondering that, in the young age, how can they became like a adult thinking and go out to find money. now...i know why people say that.." NOBODY IS PERFECT"

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