Wednesday, 13 October 2010

rest time~~~^_^

Another 7 days to go..well..i going to take some rest from my working now. after that, on 23 October 2010 going to kinabalu park for 2day1night for joining the marathon mountain kinbalu 2010. with my best sweetie shu fen. yeah`~~just think about it, i feel so excited already!!!!:)) finally my wish come true to go to mountain kinabalu one of the most famous mountain climb in the Asia!!!*** even i not going to climb it but still i can see how the mountain look like`~~hiihihi^_^ hopefully everything going well and hope the weather will fine cus since this few days, the weather not really good and keep raining oh`~:( hope the weather will good on that day.
when i decide to join the marathon mountain, my mom not really agree me to join but after thet

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