Monday, 29 November 2010



Oh yeah~~~it a girl day out~~!! well it a long journey for us since this is our first ever TRIP to many place~~~haha^^ it quite funny and quite fun too....:)) it really been a while didn't hang out with them...glad to see them again~~~^_^ we been known each other for the past 14 years, so they really like more my SIBLINGS:) we study at the same school, same class, same age, an the most important that we are WOMAN!!! hahaha:))

Monday, 22 November 2010


My eye going to be panda eye soon~~~

That is my little sister!!!~~~^^

Lost my mind suddenly~~hihi:))

One of my favorite BAGS~~~

My favorite cup~~~
WELL..IT ALREADY MIDNIGHTS AND I STILL AWAKE UP~~oh gosh..cant sleep early this lately..too much thinking? too tension about life? well..this all the worries lately that i really think about it deeply? soon i gotta have my hair became WHITE...hehehe^^ THE WORLD IS REALLY SCARED OUT~~~something we just dunno what it going to happen in our next day life and it like getting the surprise everyday....~~~

make my day stronger again~~~gotta living in the positive way to make it all happening in my life. cus life so simple if we truthfully enjoy our life.^^

here some picture that i doing just a few minute..ahah^^ acting this god~!!! i must be lost my mind...+ at this hours my little sister still study!! what the good student she is...haha^^:))))

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


took it at about 5 years or more than that**not really remember..:)

My 3rd sister, mommy and 2nd sister...^^

That me and my 2nd sister...

when they still kid them getting older already than this picture..hahaha

this was super crazy time...we took it at fitting room if i not mistaken..hahaha