Tuesday, 16 November 2010

sometimes it do change....sometimes it do regret it...

i want it so badly to study again..i really want it. but in another reason i have to let it go. shouldn't be give up it easily cus it live a time but should i give up it cus it wont be work out for me to get it. i think i can get it and go for it but the true is i still a loser to get enough to want it. thinking that easly way to get it done with it cus i confident it i can get it. now only left with my dream that something that i could t reach it it maybe be it not my destiny yet...?? futher study is the way to get my self feel better than now..cus it really something that i really wish to happen and something that i really want it so bad... but i know everything happen for a reason so i choose to stick with these word ***to make myself feel better...hiih:))

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