Wednesday, 7 September 2011


The band that sing "happy Birthday to my friend" it really look so ROMANTIC EVER! :0

Happy Birthday to you....♥♥♥

Me, shu fen& aleciana


With shu fen:)

Yeah~~i kiss shu fen for her birthday celebration.♥♥

Finally it time to eat...

My noodles..:) yummy~~

That the girl BIRTHDAY:)

Waiting the food..:) HUNGRY *

Yuhuuu~~~~it girl birthday TODAY!!! it was totally super double AWESOME DAY!!!! it was really HAPPENING birthday celebration ever!!!! and we almost or maybe WE manage get CHEW SHU FEN CRYING!!!
We celebrate it at one of the FAMOUS PLACE IN TOWN CITY.:) with the most ROMANTIC which with band over they sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!! Along with these people over there, it was super DOUBLE-DOUBLE celebration.*it make her cry **
and i was really tired today, from MORNING-NIGHTS, it was double tired man!! but still have a lot fun today and meet they it was like been a year man!! totally glad to see them again.:) SPECIALLY ~ANG AGA MUN~~~Huh, SHE WAS adore girl~~keep holding in my hands and arms~~~:) **BUT i really miss her too** super little sister:) but very SMART GIRL ♥♥♥

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