Wednesday, 8 December 2010

THE DAYS, hard time..........>>>

This few days i been busy with some stuff that need to settle it. well, it form morning until nights., from these day, i have learn so much about what life look like and what it can BE take with human POWER. i always have this in my mind that life is so simple too go with it if we could make it easily with the way we want. but some how, it still didn't enough to get it it, cus human just a human and we cant take or get what we already have it and just have to throw it away if it the tie to throw it. i never feel so embraeesed with myself in my life but now i get a chance to feel it and it just super awkward and it cant be forgot even it just in day. i nevr tot that life can be so harder than this one, i always believe in myself and make my self became a better way to find my own way to get what i really need it but the true is i just a little stubborn to over come this all. thinking it just a simple way but make it just harder than i could imagine it. didn't wish to born like this but i cant question it all cus this the way i see the world.

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