Wednesday, 1 December 2010


It December now, time goes so fast and we juts didn't get realize that, it been a year now i be a growing up woman now. it feel like i just turn a BABY.
In this year, there a lot scenes of my life happening that i could just knowing it could be and will happen.i guess this what we call it "LIFE COULD BE A EASY WAY IF WE COULD MAKE IT EASY WAY TO GET THROUGH". sometimes i do think that maybe end like that way can make everyone feel better and feel good but sometimes it seen like can get wrong whether this is the best way to get on going with these heavy feeling.
Getting sick and sick again with these scenes, feeling that never going to end. b'cus with these feeling , i feel so disappointed to my self cus end my self with these feeling and in the end we all end it with the most HURTING feeling that we never know whether it going to be gone or stay in forever.because these strong feeling that could end us be like this i still want to be the best SISTER in them heart but not everything i could give in the best way to express it.
Great to having them around me but sometimes i do think that having you guys around me make me feel so WEAK again cus i really hate to be weak and crying baby in front them. i always believe that plaything happen for a reason but sometimes it really get me a lot question for my mind that i couldn't express it in that way or said it.
Getting joke around with these nonsense word but i didn't mean it to my heart but i really have to joke it around to make my self feel more better and keep it cool for myself. scared you will hurt by everything i step in so i always remind myself that i will never done anything that could BREAK you heart. everything i take i always put A LIMIT to my self B'cus i just want to be a good daughter to YOU. EVEN how much i want be someone i still get the LIMIT to my self and wont be the baddest one for YOU.
Getting tired with this kind of feeling, situation that really get me sick and tired of. NEVER REGRET for these feeling no matter how hard it be but why it HAS TO BE ME.........

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