Thursday, 16 December 2010


Finally, i can understand it, finally god, i never really have change the way thinking now, i guess i getting old to fight for this, fight for thing that really wouldn't work out for just get me getting worse and worse. maybe from the beginning, i just need to realize it but i cant let my self to do it cus i always think that everything will get correct everything i speak but now i truly understand it.maybe it a bit too late to understand it but i hope that i will never late to know it cus i really going to change it again. maybe it wrong from the beginning to feel like this but i never regret it cus i know actually it the best way to keep you more understand it but it like you will never UNDERSTAND HOW THE WAY WE WANT YOU BE AND WANT YOU BE LOVED. i always think that the action we take of you is correct but at the very end you will never take it as action, cus for you, we always keep ignore what you done but have you have a bit space to think why do we have to act like that and make our self hurt in this way. with the all worried that we have done and make, i guess you already find the answer to get all the way of you life, you once told us that you big enough to find what you want, well, i guess this want actually we really gotta to do, b'cus we really love you so much until the very end but like you say you really big enough to find what you really want. no need us to teach you how to walk. cus i really doesn't wan to lose you just because those feeling that you fall for. we just tired to fight for this already and we really hurt enough for this, no matter how much time pass out, you still still be this, cus you will never understand it how that feel, care you own feeling make them look hurt than you can feel it by yourself. We doing our very best, give our very best, give our very very end to protect you but at the very end we give up B'cus of you. we doesn't wanna lose you at the very end cus you still part of our life and that will never change until the death. we just want you to be happy so live you life in very good way. nothing else we can do now, just keep our life being good way cus the only thing that our hearts are made of are the acts of forgiveness and love the only thing real when push comes to shove are the acts of forgiveness and love cuz in the end no one losses or wins the stories begin, again and again with forgiveness and love.

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