Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Today, my friend (JOSEPHINE SOBREPENA) last day in kk city, cus she will flying back to Indonesia( Jakarta) tonight.

she will staying over there for the long Me, shufen, aleciana, yawen,dorothy, eddie and eddie friends went to airport to send her..actually, she tot that us not going to airport to send her but actually we already plans it to surprise her..haha^_^ we did it man!!!! hahaha:)

we manage to get dinner with her before she leave, and we eat KFc at airport~~it feel a short dinner at that moment and there not much talk like usually we have talk alot maybe because she going to leave soon so we just enjoy the moment and try not to tears of it.

At the end, we crying soo much, cus it just suddenly come out and we just cannot stop it tears alot, we been knowing each other for 3 year and the half, and if i don't mistaken..hihi:) we always hang out together, and traveling together too, so we became closer and closer like a sister.:) **even though she older than us, but we treat her like our little sister man~~!!!hahaha
Really going to miss you alot lah JOSEPHINE~~!!!, you noisy around us, you laugh around us and you story around us...hahaha..:)


  1. will see her next time lor hehe..

  2. ya lo..but may b lama lagi..haiz..mmg cam sunyi nie kalau x dia..dia punya gaya tu yg bikin org ketawa..

  3. farah: ya...but really miss her special now!!!! hahaha:)

    ciana: lol,,,,ya wor....she punya gaya tue..ahha~~~nobody can copy her style ooh`~~haha:)