Monday, 3 January 2011

3/01/2011- WITH DAD

Dear Dolce Diary,
Today, i been wake up in early morning(07:30am) to accompany my dad to settle my brother things in imgresen. well, i never really close to my dad, cus i also dunno..It feel weird....(hehehehe), we never talk about something that really deeper, expect when we all(my sister, my brother) gathering gathering to talk about it. but i relaly never feel closer as today, my Father really hard working person, he doesn't even complaint about he life that eh going through, he really super double strong man in the world!!! he also a very GOOD, GOOD IN COOKING!!! THE BEST CHIEF IN THIS WORLD!!! hihihi :) *Ok, back to story, dad have a very complicated life and very hard time in he life but he never talk it out but i do can feel that my dad really having a really hard time, how i wish that i can take it half to make my dad feel easy. i can see he running and running in there and there to make he work perfect until he can forgot to eat. well, that how he life too busy with work, work,work...he make a lot sacrifice for us, the only place we depend on. like today, i really can see how my dad sacrifice he life for us have to be patient in every way even might take he pride, embarrassed...ihope that my dad will have a really GOOD LIFE, HOPE HE ALWAYS IN GOOD HEALTHY:)

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