Sunday, 23 January 2011

Qualcosa di folle, divertente, e siamo felici...^_^

OMG!!! It really damn tired,tired,tired and damn super double high night man!!! it like a night never come to end of this nights, there a lot of happening night time , well that is my first and my very first time in my life ~~

From early morning journey start with our plan to hang out with best buddy sweeties, well, **it unplanned hang out actually, it was our last minute planing** hehe:) behind all the stress out where to go,where to eat and the end, we manage get all going well and going fine without any bad terms..kiki:) it such a long journey and such a tired days~~

Outing with them, really noisy a lot lah but if no noisy between us, it feel weird and totally not us style lah..haha:) so even in the shop, mall, road and CAR really our target to get noisy~~!!! hihi^_^ it really been a while we go together, so it totally full with story, gossip and picture!!! :) and we actually didn't know that on that time we could make it and hang out together so it really fun to go out again..:)
It feel like to traveling around the city from morning to midnight, it super tired and super funny memories we have together, specially when those five "HAUNTED KARAOKE HUMAN" hahaha :) waiting the another finished work, we still able to go to clinic man!!...aduii...totally crazy!!! everything happen on that, i couldn't express it with word, cus totally something different then i can imagine it..^^ but*not in bad terms ooh..**

With the two of my NENEK drunk on it,, seriously i never see them being like that way, since i know them, well, i guess being drunk is the best way to express how we really feel. maybe this is how people always express them self more in *drunk way?*...**i guess it depend right**hahahaha:) maybe someday i should try to get drunk too to express more myself and let it go once..^_^ but our NENEK is very crazy enough on that nights, it seem to let them all stresses out for all, sing until they sore throat even me too:) !!! jump and jump, sing without follow the melody, that how them really enjoy on that nights and with the threee guys that i really never meet a guys will sing in that way and feeling!!!!!! that really surprised me man!!! hahahaha:) keep sing a sad song , like them broke heart or something~~~!!..kakakakaka:)

i never been on karaoke sing with guy so it feel weird but i think it funny too, cus even a guys also know how to sing and the most funny all story is, Eddie and he fellow friend like a fans of our NENEK on that night and i was them photograph!!! hahaha^_^


  1. hard to express urself when u are in reality life but when u're in "dream land' u will trying to do sumthing different..hahahaha....but u cant try to get drunk..or else we will matai..hahaha..may b in other country la..but not here...sumday u will..

  2. lol,hahah...ya loh..."reaming land"....good word!!! ahah..:) i really hope sum day i also can try "dream land" by myself too...really need it!!! ahah:)

  3. hahaha..yes u shuld..but dun too try too hard..u will when u ready to expose ur self some more...hehehhe..but slowly bha..heehhee(ajaran ke arah kesesatan.)haha

  4. ahahah...yea!!!! i should try it!!!!! going to high all the night i get drunk~~~~kakakak:)

  5. wakakakaka...OMG alice...i'm waiting for the day to come...!!!! hahahaha....

  6. hahah......ok bha....make sure u wait that day come!!!! ahahha:)