Thursday, 27 January 2011

i really need my own space now, it getting worse that i could imagine it~~i couldn't live in this way to get through all the way i suffer with it, i just wish that can you understand a bit how it feel like. not very situation i need to be patient of it, even i smile every time doesn't mean that i okay with that, i also need my own place, breath that i should get it. it really hurt so badly, and i could even blame to anyone when it the way blame on me. something i just figure out where supposed i do to find a way to make me life better, freedom. wherever i make decision or step on it, there always have you guys in front of my way, cus, you all always be my number one and there always gotta be but sometimes could you just see from my side that i really sick of this way. i couldn't hate cus i just cant hate it~~ i always wonder why all this happen on my life, i never blame how i live on it but sometimes it get my mind to think twice about this life that i never really understand how it work.

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