Tuesday, 11 January 2011


do you know what’s call love?
no~ in fact I have no idea about it too…
just don’t know it Ye
my heart feels hot and I keep running and keep tearing upwhat should I do?
Should I go pleading with bent knees?I don’t know too Ye
I keep finding you and running, I’m back to the original spot even when I keep walking
Do you not love me Do you not want to forget

even if I want to start anew
It doesn’t seems easy for our love
My memories. sweet memories~
I have become someone who can no longer hide it
forget the old days~
We just need to have the 2 of us
know we know it, don’t we
we know it even if we don’t say it out
tomorrow, we will shout out of the yesterday that isn’t too far
i’m sorry that I can’t say it
i love you my dear
maybe times i’ve tried calling
I’ve been thinking about what to say…
I don’t know it too Ye~
even as I fall asleep and wake up, I can’t stop myself from wanting to find you
look at me, look at the me now
Although it feels awkward because I’ve changed so much, wait
let’s not be too far apart, I make a promise to the world ahead of me

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