Monday, 28 February 2011


Last day on FEBRUARY

Today is the last day on FEBRUARY~~time fly was really-really fast man!!! Tomorrow going to be MARCH 2010!!! **see how fast was it** ;) Really hoping that on next month*MARCH* will be a great month for ME~~b'cus this month got really2 bad-bad news~~!!! so hope in next month will be better than this month~~*cross finger**

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Everything was not going well from the beginning today, really upset n disappoint with these result. dunno where is the wrong actually, been really try the best for it but still get the same result.

Friday, 25 February 2011


Today weather totally hot in here(KK), it super double hot than usually!!oh gosh i really need some cold water or better is ICE for my self!! ^^ sometimes the weather here(KK) unpredictable...cus at the morning got abit raining then in the afternoon it became hot and the evening it strong winds and feel like wanna rain again..haix...haix...i guess weather also like human mood too..sometimes human can be super high, super happy, super sad, super upset and more. so do the weather.. *hehehe*

Arg~~As today i was open my TWITTER acct, huyooo....alot of of talking or gossip about the latest K-POP come back BIG BANG!!! it became a TREND of the TWITTER now.. ;) i really love they song, they just a great musician ever in K-POP. :) all the K-POP song became a CRAZY in Asian even in other country like America and ETC. For big bang, they just different from other artist, they really talented artist and they really know how to PRODUCED/WRITE a HIT SONG for THEM ALBUM. :)
***thumbs up **


TODAY i was going to post my favorite model in AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL!!!
I'm have been a really2 BIG FANS of this model ever since in AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL , she just a adore and such a sweet girl. the girls that i talking about is
oh gosh~~!she just a beautiful as the way she are..she totally different form other model. *okay, back to the story...hehe;)*

ANN WARD was born in Dallas, Texas, November 23,1991. with her height(6'2) that really surprise even to the JUDGE on ANTM was really surprise to see her with the extremely thin waist and thin.
but, even with the thin tall, she really UNIQUE in her way that why, she became the WINNER of AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL(CYCLE 15) after against all the 13 contestant.

she really got a beautiful face that behind all her unmake -up face, she just natural unique and beautiful in her way. and now, she is the WINNER OF ANTM for cycle 15. she also became the part of IMG MODELING MANAGEMENT which it one of the TOP MODEL AGENCY in the world.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

UPDATED almost the end of February, it near to march now, so, how time goes by so fast and this year,
i guess with every year goes by, the time was running soo fast until we couldn't realize it what day was today.
With the time fly like this, feel like i really need to walk faster to caught all the things that i left behind. at this moment i really need to do something for my self better, if not i might be regret it for my hall life...
just hoping everything will just getting better and better.
gotta really doing well this time, cannot be late it anymore, really need to figure out something before it too late to find it. hoping tomorrow will be get better day for me. *cross finger*

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


WOW!!! Finally i found my song after been Search on you tube, finally i found my song

Monday, 21 February 2011


Life full with mystery and miracle. sometimes it just could happen like that, something it just doesn't work it.

Recently, there is alot things that happen so suddenly, i don't wanna mention it but i glad that nothing was bad happen. just thankful to you god and glad that everything is okay. hope everything will just fine and will never happen again in our life. it just a sucks day and really damn2 sucks that we been through.~!!! i hope after his all, this is the last things we ever been just really2 bad day we ever have in our life.. don't wanna go this day again or remember it back..

私の 2011 PART 2..............♥♥

Another new of me in this year....hohoohoooooo:) I was so bored and got nothing to the end....i take some selcas picture..haha:)

Friday, 18 February 2011


Wow~~~today was hang out with my friends but it just a short time to hang out together..but it was fun and full with story line about LIFE....hahaha:)

The best part is we having our lunch with MCDONALD!!! it was really best part of life..haha..FOOD!!!! food is best-best friend with me...*hehe* .........i guess..we been sit at the mcdonald for about two hours something..oh gosh..people over there might think us is really crazy..B'cus we just laugh like nobody around us~~!!*like our own house*** hahah..:) well..when girls already meet there is alot of gossip a tv show...GOSSIP GIRLS.....hahahahahahahahahahaha:)

even it just a short time to hang out still a fun time and a good day..:)

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Today was the last day of Chinese new year and we call it "CHOP GOH MEI" and today gotta eat with my family tonight........wooow!!!!....another big food today....hehe:) love it!

my stomach just full with now!!! haha.. totally have a great food today..since it last day of CHINESE NEW YEAR..:) for this Chinese new year was a wonderful day, week to celebrates it so it really a great day and great nice mood....hehehehehehe:)

so it was a wonderfully CHINESE NEW YEAR with alot of FIREWORK *COLORFUL*....


Monday, 14 February 2011

♥♥♥♥♥♥HAPPY VALENTINE DAY =)♥♥♥♥♥♥


TO those who celebrate it specially for all the girlfriends boyfriends, husband ,wife or lover wish you guys HAPPY VALENTINE DAY..have a great day and romantics day with the one who love.

TO those that still SINGLE MAN & LADY, don't worry guys there always have a chance for you guys and soon will be beside you all and soon you SOUL MA♥♥......hihi :) **include me, i still a SINGLE lady** haha:)*but i enjoy my single life all day..:)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

私の 2011..............♥♥


WOO!!! it February now..well....time goes by was soo super fast man!!! Chinese new year also come to end already in this week:)
Recently, it raining alot..more to heavy raining...:) but i really hope that can snowing once at here..*Malaysia* but it soo impossible to happen!!! haha:) since here so hot~~hihi..

it really FEBRUARY 2011 now!!! really time just fly like this, you knwo..time just fly away without waiting us to done our things but when time just fly away, i keep more to appreciate all the things i have now, kepe to follow the time in order to get mature, keep to grow up , keep to make sure everyhing i done or make always done and have a good result on it, keep to run and run to the time that never wait me in front and keep run on my life like a big circle in my life..:) sometimes life can be really tough on me, cus sometime do make me really upset all the things that never going well on me, frustated on the things that doesn't my false on, complaint about my life that why i being live my life like this but i know there outside there some of people that never get a chance just i do have now so really always keep my mind that i do have a better life even there always have tough days that i need to been through.
My tough day that i been scared to GET through already pass, so it kind of relief to really big,big and big relief TO ME!!! B'cus there is nothing bad things happen and everything soo fine and under control. *i guess* maybe someday these things will be bomb after a thousand year been closed. think of that day will come, it give me goosebumps....but there nothing can be do and nothing can be fight for. that how it suppose be end of everything after all.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


WOOO....Another day again with my time out with my mummy, outing to city to buy some stuff and buy a clothes at the same time..hehe:) it really super hot today, cus for the all day there is not raining as usually weird cus recently it raining alot and for everyday raining and raining non stop..huh...*sigh* okay back to story...hehe>>> it feel like everyday traveling round there n there n there...super tired and super fun sometimes lah..kakaka


WOW!!! yesterday was like a long day for me..haha:) was outing with my buddy (Aleciana) start from 2 O'clock( it was unsure to go out actually b'cus of the raining and plus i was out for something urgent at bank and at the end ciana (my friend) can out b'cus of he brother drive her come to meet me..haha, she lazy to take a bus so ask he brother fetch her at home..haha) ..huh...totally super tired cus it been a while we didn't walk that so long cus normally we just use car to go there n there even it near by..kakakaka..**(we really quite lazy to take a walk sometime...hahaha)..but we actually did enjoy the day and talk alot along our way..hahaha:) **LIKE GOSSIP GIRL**:)
Just like this, Remind us to our other friends(MISS THEM ALREADY..) that couldn't cus, still busy on their LUNAR NEW YEAR with family..
( collect Angpau)..hehe:) HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR MY DEAR FRIENDS :) just spend our time in short time and we such a krazy people where every we went it..oh gosh!!! bt i really love this kind of enjoy and fun time cus it really a greatses things if you could make lot of memories with these krazy things that you ever done~~) maybe for some people might thinks crazy or "SAKAI* but as i think it such a joy to have it in our life.:) cus time wont stop and back for us to get back it.
So i just HANDS UP and let it be natural from inside to outside~~that how we should be in anywhere..yeah!!! :) it a COMFORTABLE ZONE ever!!! ^^It so TREASURE for ME!!~~:)
Although I'm struggle with alot of things that i might be regret or upset about but this is how life teach me to get stronger and stronger and keep a positive way to move on my life.. :) cus i always believe that everyone must have a chance or a moment of our life :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


It would be another days and week to get along. cant avoid it from not to happening but still will going to happen because there always be the number and it will never change the number. think the day will come, it really scared me out and make me get a feeling to ready every step and moment to go for it. sometimes i just really wish that i could just let it and doesn't think it much but honestly, i cant do it for my self because the feel guilty that i must carry out couldn't replace by anything that i feel guilty about it. sometimes i do think that life is so playful with me to get on play with it`. being in this kind of life, relationship and sometimes that everyone could involved or some just lucky have a good life:)
The guilty that i have feel it, sometimes, i do think that, is this a correct way to feel guilty for it or just no. i feel guilty for "she" but i do feel guilty for "her". dunno this is the right way to guilty about but for sure, i do feel guilty for both side. dunno this way i take will make me look selfish to "she" but i really hope tat "she" will forgive it. couldn't take back what already done but for sure that, things wont be the same once we broke it and it always gonna be a second for us but i do know that you have trying all you best to give us so no matter what going to happen, just let he (god) make it better way so there no someone going to hurt in this process. i guess i grow up in this process make me became a better person to realize more about alot thing that happen in my life and became a very meaningful person in my life.