Friday, 25 February 2011


TODAY i was going to post my favorite model in AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL!!!
I'm have been a really2 BIG FANS of this model ever since in AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL , she just a adore and such a sweet girl. the girls that i talking about is
oh gosh~~!she just a beautiful as the way she are..she totally different form other model. *okay, back to the story...hehe;)*

ANN WARD was born in Dallas, Texas, November 23,1991. with her height(6'2) that really surprise even to the JUDGE on ANTM was really surprise to see her with the extremely thin waist and thin.
but, even with the thin tall, she really UNIQUE in her way that why, she became the WINNER of AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL(CYCLE 15) after against all the 13 contestant.

she really got a beautiful face that behind all her unmake -up face, she just natural unique and beautiful in her way. and now, she is the WINNER OF ANTM for cycle 15. she also became the part of IMG MODELING MANAGEMENT which it one of the TOP MODEL AGENCY in the world.

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