Friday, 18 February 2011


Wow~~~today was hang out with my friends but it just a short time to hang out together..but it was fun and full with story line about LIFE....hahaha:)

The best part is we having our lunch with MCDONALD!!! it was really best part of life..haha..FOOD!!!! food is best-best friend with me...*hehe* .........i guess..we been sit at the mcdonald for about two hours something..oh gosh..people over there might think us is really crazy..B'cus we just laugh like nobody around us~~!!*like our own house*** hahah..:) well..when girls already meet there is alot of gossip a tv show...GOSSIP GIRLS.....hahahahahahahahahahaha:)

even it just a short time to hang out still a fun time and a good day..:)

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