Tuesday, 8 February 2011


WOW!!! yesterday was like a long day for me..haha:) was outing with my buddy (Aleciana) start from 2 O'clock( it was unsure to go out actually b'cus of the raining and plus i was out for something urgent at bank and at the end ciana (my friend) can out b'cus of he brother drive her come to meet me..haha, she lazy to take a bus so ask he brother fetch her at home..haha) ..huh...totally super tired cus it been a while we didn't walk that so long cus normally we just use car to go there n there even it near by..kakakaka..**(we really quite lazy to take a walk sometime...hahaha)..but we actually did enjoy the day and talk alot along our way..hahaha:) **LIKE GOSSIP GIRL**:)
Just like this, Remind us to our other friends(MISS THEM ALREADY..) that couldn't cus, still busy on their LUNAR NEW YEAR with family..
( collect Angpau)..hehe:) HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR MY DEAR FRIENDS :) just spend our time in short time and we such a krazy people where every we went it..oh gosh!!! bt i really love this kind of enjoy and fun time cus it really a greatses things if you could make lot of memories with these krazy things that you ever done~~) maybe for some people might thinks crazy or "SAKAI* but as i think it such a joy to have it in our life.:) cus time wont stop and back for us to get back it.
So i just HANDS UP and let it be natural from inside to outside~~that how we should be in anywhere..yeah!!! :) it a COMFORTABLE ZONE ever!!! ^^It so TREASURE for ME!!~~:)
Although I'm struggle with alot of things that i might be regret or upset about but this is how life teach me to get stronger and stronger and keep a positive way to move on my life.. :) cus i always believe that everyone must have a chance or a moment of our life :)

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