Friday, 25 February 2011


Today weather totally hot in here(KK), it super double hot than usually!!oh gosh i really need some cold water or better is ICE for my self!! ^^ sometimes the weather here(KK) unpredictable...cus at the morning got abit raining then in the afternoon it became hot and the evening it strong winds and feel like wanna rain again..haix...haix...i guess weather also like human mood too..sometimes human can be super high, super happy, super sad, super upset and more. so do the weather.. *hehehe*

Arg~~As today i was open my TWITTER acct, huyooo....alot of of talking or gossip about the latest K-POP come back BIG BANG!!! it became a TREND of the TWITTER now.. ;) i really love they song, they just a great musician ever in K-POP. :) all the K-POP song became a CRAZY in Asian even in other country like America and ETC. For big bang, they just different from other artist, they really talented artist and they really know how to PRODUCED/WRITE a HIT SONG for THEM ALBUM. :)
***thumbs up **

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