Tuesday, 1 February 2011


It would be another days and week to get along. cant avoid it from not to happening but still will going to happen because there always be the number and it will never change the number. think the day will come, it really scared me out and make me get a feeling to ready every step and moment to go for it. sometimes i just really wish that i could just let it and doesn't think it much but honestly, i cant do it for my self because the feel guilty that i must carry out couldn't replace by anything that i feel guilty about it. sometimes i do think that life is so playful with me to get on play with it`. being in this kind of life, relationship and sometimes that everyone could involved or some just lucky have a good life:)
The guilty that i have feel it, sometimes, i do think that, is this a correct way to feel guilty for it or just no. i feel guilty for "she" but i do feel guilty for "her". dunno this is the right way to guilty about but for sure, i do feel guilty for both side. dunno this way i take will make me look selfish to "she" but i really hope tat "she" will forgive it. couldn't take back what already done but for sure that, things wont be the same once we broke it and it always gonna be a second for us but i do know that you have trying all you best to give us so no matter what going to happen, just let he (god) make it better way so there no someone going to hurt in this process. i guess i grow up in this process make me became a better person to realize more about alot thing that happen in my life and became a very meaningful person in my life.

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