Saturday, 12 February 2011


WOO!!! it February now..well....time goes by was soo super fast man!!! Chinese new year also come to end already in this week:)
Recently, it raining alot..more to heavy raining...:) but i really hope that can snowing once at here..*Malaysia* but it soo impossible to happen!!! haha:) since here so hot~~hihi..

it really FEBRUARY 2011 now!!! really time just fly like this, you knwo..time just fly away without waiting us to done our things but when time just fly away, i keep more to appreciate all the things i have now, kepe to follow the time in order to get mature, keep to grow up , keep to make sure everyhing i done or make always done and have a good result on it, keep to run and run to the time that never wait me in front and keep run on my life like a big circle in my life..:) sometimes life can be really tough on me, cus sometime do make me really upset all the things that never going well on me, frustated on the things that doesn't my false on, complaint about my life that why i being live my life like this but i know there outside there some of people that never get a chance just i do have now so really always keep my mind that i do have a better life even there always have tough days that i need to been through.
My tough day that i been scared to GET through already pass, so it kind of relief to really big,big and big relief TO ME!!! B'cus there is nothing bad things happen and everything soo fine and under control. *i guess* maybe someday these things will be bomb after a thousand year been closed. think of that day will come, it give me goosebumps....but there nothing can be do and nothing can be fight for. that how it suppose be end of everything after all.

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