Thursday, 31 March 2011

miss my young age.!!! :D

wow!!! that me when i was 13 year old!!! aww!!! how young was i in this picture...!! really miss it so much, feel wanna back in my teenager time(high school)~~xD I wearing my MEDAL which is i represent my school in competition RUNNING RACE. so we winn in that competition and our teacher give our MEDAL;)P **i was athletes in my high school so i been join alot of school competition of running race . i ever represent my state but now, it became of memories** how i wish i can be active like back days. now, even now just run a few minute already feel so exhausted and tired!!! huh....hahahaha:D

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Awww!!! i been missing from my online for a few day..hahaha:D we(all family) outing for two day and for the first day we been out from evening until late night, we been to shopping mall to have shopping and buy some stuff computer specially (printer,photocopy & scan) hahahahahaha;)
well MEGALONG MALL is really the longest mall i ever see, well, the mall is quite new and it really big and long and the most important is the mall very nice and it very easy for public people to go there cus it was resounded with all the shop, market and station bus(Bus Stop) and more.;)
after we have a shopping , we went to having our late night snacks at MALAY MARKET which it quite famous place at there, so we went there and the place is really unique which you can a various of MALAY FOOD that you can try.:D it really yummy and delicious and you totally something that you guys MUST try on...!! :P

After we finished our late night snacks over there, we been to (Tanjung Aru Beach) which is the famous beach and place to eat at here. so we went there for our second late nigh snacks and here again we eat..hahaha:D there have a various of food which is Chinese food, Malay food and some on. besides that, it just beside of beach just like (BALI BEACH) **but of cuz, BALI BEACH more beautiful and nice view(SUNSET)** we have a walk in beach which is alot people at beach and do some activities such as play ball, take a picture and more.

On our second day(SUNDAY), We(all familly) went to SUPERSTORE to buys kitchen needs or monthly needs. On every end of month we(all family) will go to buy all these monthly food need. we like a crazy HUMAN in the superstore cus we just grab the food or things that we want and we like fight each other which food is better which food is delicious!! haha xDD and our mom n dad will shout to us" kids, dun fight each other with food, just grab want you want, dad will paid it" hahahaha:D DAD!! U ARE THE BEST FATHER EVER!!! hahahahaha:D
after we finished our shopping at superstore, we all went to having ur dinner which is near by with the superstore and it really expensive restaurant ever i been man!! but the really look ever nice and elegant!! hahahaha;) bt te most happiest things happen on this day is!!! we get a FREE FOODS!!! haha:) it must be our lucky day in this because teh restaurant is CELEBRATING they anniversary of the RESTAURANT so on that days is all food is FREE OF CHARGES AND WE CAN ORDER ANYTHING !!! aww!!!! sound like great right...ehehe:DD

Feel Like Yesterday ;)

yesterday i been busy to scan all my old family picture, hahaha:D time goes by was so fast and now, we grow up like a big kids now, we never know how time change us form a small kids became a bi kids now, when kids time, there no any stress or thinking that we have to worried about but now, as we growing up there alot of stress of life we need to worried and there alot of thing we should done and make a decision to make a better life.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


wow!!! 2 days didn't update my blog!!! really miss my lover blog.:D

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

my lover..:)

Random picture of my daily life, hehehe;) and have some fun with my SPONGE BOB...:D