Monday, 14 March 2011

Breaksfast with MCDONALD

yups, as you can see, today i having a breakfast at MCDONALD'S !!! yummy n delicious !! today my mom, little sister n little brother went to LAHAD DATU for one week vacation to see my dad. so before they departure, we still have a time, so we went to to MCDONALD'S to having our second breakfast with SAUSAGE EGGMUFFIN & EGG MUFFIN, 1 COFFEE & 1TEA..:p
well, this is our fist time having breakfast at MCDONALD'S at airport so it quite expensive. but still yummy and really delicious. :P as my mom, not really like it cus my mom not really love fast food.:) hehe:) but she love to eat KFC !!! hahaha...funny right:)



  1. have no shame!!! mcdonalds breakfast is theee best!

  2. loh..haha:) u do love McDonald;s too?