Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A chef for one week..:P CAN I?

okay..., my mom and my little sister n brother went to vacation for one week so , mean i gonna be a chef for one week at home..:) aww!!! sound crazy, cus i not really good in cook things **hehe** specially my other sister n brother quite complaint alot if the food not taste good..hahaha:P and i really dun have any idea what to cook for this week..*totally no idea at all*. as my other siblings, they are good in cook than me...hiax..*i should learn it from beginning, so that i wont became a suck housewife later** wakakakakaka** xD

Never mind, i gonna try all my best to making a great food. the most important I WILL PUT ALL MY LOVE ON IT..hahaha..... xD
So, ALICE u can do it!!! gambateh!! :P wish me luck yea...:)



  1. you should have a look at some of the recipes on my recipe sharing blog.. there are lots of yummy and simple things on there..if you like oesto you should def try the pasta i posted today!

    Good luck hon I am sure you will be a fab chef!


  2. aww!! thank sweeties, i really enjoy read you blog.:) it lovely specially the RECIPES PARTS!! i guess u love cook alot yea...:P
    gonna try the pasta!!! :)
    thank you!! ^_^