Monday, 7 March 2011


Aww!! it a weekend, beautiful SUNDAY~:) there alot of plan on this day actually one of them is CITY RUN MARATHON IN KK CITY, I was planning to run on this event but i couldn't make it as i got something to do on this day.:( hope i can join it next year again.*good for healthy if u can finished for 4KM..hahahaha...** there alot going on on this day, and funny story!! hehe:P even i couldn't join the run but still go down to city to have a bit hang out with my friend as i also need to go done something for my things at city.hehehehe:P after done my things, i meet my friend at shopping mall and after that we went to having our lunch since it lunch hours already,and we both also feel very hungry so we went to find a place to eat:) when it come to FOOD TIME , we both really2, hard to choose :( cus there alot of good food and yummmy!! but we both always trying something different and like we kunun know how to judge food taste ooh..hahaha:P after look around some place to eat FINALLY we set our lunch place at this big CHINESE RESTAURANT which is famous for dumplings and soup2.:) and we go inside and order our food which is the place very classic look but the space is soo small..hehehe^^ and while we enjoy our food, we also waiting our other friend, we was like sit over there like 2hours something and our place is the most noisy one cus we talked and gossip like very louder and laughing.:P **sometimes we really uncontrolled when we already meet up and sit down in one place, cus we always talk alot and louder like speaker..haha** and we decide to go on other place again to eat**we do eat alot man!!!** ohya, only left two of us this time cus the other one have to back early as she got appointment with her mum so only we two *MACHINE HUMAN EAT" to target our next place to eat!! haha:)

At first we want to eat cake, so we decide went to SECRET RECIPE and hang out there with these CAKE HEAVEN!!! but after we sit down at there, suddenly i was thinking "why don't we go to TEXAS to eat cus i hear the food over there very good and not really expensive, as at the same time, i never been there, " and we take away the cake as i really do want to eat CAKE!!! **HERE I COME** SO me and my friend went there(TEXAS RESTAURANT ), and having our next place to give our stomach full again!! hahahahahaha:P so we went there finally*after so long i really wanna try the FOOD there as i always hear that the place is really nice and the food also DELICIOUS!!! ^_^ so, we arrived there but the place not fully ready to start their business, so they told us" if for a drink, we do service now, but for the food, need to wait until 30 minute as the food not ready yet to service to take order so need to wait 20-30 minute like that. so we like"ooh...okay, we go inside to wait and order some drink while waiting the food service is ready to get order.hehehe:) and after the time pass by, we order our food and the food was so really DELICIOUS and YUMMY!!! and it not really cost alot that i expect it.. definitely will go again there and eat more cus i really love the food over there.hehehehehehe:P so we also have a lot chit chat and gossip too over there and that time was raining but not so much too:p

before we went back to take a public bus, we go to PARKSON shop to buy shoes *not me but my friend* as she got a RM40 ringgit voucher which she use these voucher to buy shoes that she loves.:P and end up buy a shoes that finally fit her enough and lovely shoes!!! hehe:) cus we really almost try on all the shoes over there but still doesn't get her eye on...hahahahaha:P so after all day hang out,
~~i really having a good time and my stomachs really full with a yummy a food!!!!~~

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