Friday, 18 March 2011

little updated today.:D

Hi everyone!! how are you guys doing? well, hope you guys just doing well today. well, i doing good too just that this week been really busy with my home as i said before my mommy n sister went to holiday for one week so i need to clear and cook for my other sister n brother so really no time for blog, twitter and fb. so only at night time have time to serve internet so of cuz my first entry is BLOGGER!!! haha..well, i can say that my one week really super tired man, have to wake up early and wash those dish and cook and wash clothes and more so it totally damn tired so now ic an feel how mom feel when do all these things. *hahahahahaha* xD]

As we hear now, TSUNAMI AT JAPAN have been hit a lot people die and missing. until now, still dunno have many actually die and missing still unclear amount to announce. but for sure there is many people die and missing. so guys, let just pray for them and hope they stay in peace and safe now. now, all around world trying to get some food or donation for japan so that can support all the victim as there many things have been destroy by tsunami .

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