Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Aww~~it a tired and raining day for me today, i was busy today rushing there, rushing here to get doen my things:) at the early morning, i wnet to my college to renew again my certificate of my Diploma b'cus there is some mistaken in so have to send back to get a new one. after been to bank which three BANK to settle bill payment of monthly.:) so it really tiring to go there and there;) but quite adventured day i have today..:) **at the smae time, can keep fit** hahahaa:)
after go to bank, need to rush again to POST OFFICE again to make a payment over there. after done all the things, i went to having my lunch with MCDONALD & KFC!!! huuu...it was my favorite time to EAT after all~~!!! :) *by my self** it quite lonely but i enjoy my food and my day:)
when on my way back** in public bus**, pass by my old high school, which is remind me back day i was in high school waiting the bus with my fellow classmate to back home, i still remember these days take a public bus back home which the public bus always full with all the students when it the time back already. it wa soo noise with all the students inside talking along the way back. hihihiihiiii:)
i really miss my high school time... ;)


  1. Aww!!! thank you jennies....:)u also got a very lovely blog:)