Friday, 11 March 2011

Long time no see you (J.F)

Aww!!! it been awhile dint have on call with my okasan ooh!!! really been awhile dint see her in such a long time. since she really busy with her work at home..:) and we really talk on the fon for about 1 hours something, damn crazy right..ahha:) as we really do dun see often cus we both really quite busy as she also live so far so it really hard to see her sometimes.:) well, we pretty close also, as we been practikal in the same place(hotel) so she always send me back home after finished our training and sometiems we use to hang out first before back home, specially we went to T.A(beach) haha..we really spend alot time when we have our training. aik...okay2..back to my story..** haha
well, we really now, dun see often so there alot of story2 that we really missed alot but at least now we can call each other, and we asked each other how we life everything..well, that just our basic story as really hard to talk in fon so better face to face.hehe^^ miss you okasan.....^_^

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