Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Looking Forward..

Today was really a HOT day as the weather at morning was really2 hot man!! just wanna take a ICE BATH!!! :) *if can**:P
today my interview session was going well and they quite friendly too, so everything went well.. so just waiting a call from there whether get the jobs or not...:)
today really a HOT day for me cus the weather was totally super HOT!!! hopefully, tomorrow will be a good day and not too hot again cus going to another interview..*hehehe*
so wish me LUCK yeah..:P peace:)

haix..i really looking forward about my future now, wondering what i going to do in my next 10 years later, how will i look like from my 10 years, what my position when the 10 year form now...all this is really make me wondering in my head now..cus it really scared me out when think these day will come out and i have to get ready for all the possible will come. so all this little thing really scared me out...:(

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