Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I really miss my blog!!! so damn miss it, for two days didn't blogger, fee just like wanna die, haha**kidding** really miss my blog soo much!!! :D
well, how everyone day? everything going well? i hope everyone stay healthy, pretty, and fine!!! :D
i doing well, but this few day it quite raining alot;) i guess this year gonna be a raining year...since it raining all the time. so guys dun forgot bring umbrella when going outside.:)
my day now, in this month totally busy with my house stuff, well, even i got alot free time to do but still I'm a busy girl in the house. huh....
recently, i started my long Lost diary, and now, i star to write a diary book now!!! aww!!! my hand was really super tired and exhausted for a few page that i write my diary...hahaha:D
i still remember when i primary school, i lvoe to buy a diray book and write all my dream, passion, ambition and to married who and what going on my life. so, it kind my BEST FRIEND all the time. until i entry my high school, i became lazy and lazy to write cus been really buys for home works. hehehe;)
so now, i active back to write my diary book!!!! xD


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