Thursday, 31 March 2011

miss my young age.!!! :D

wow!!! that me when i was 13 year old!!! aww!!! how young was i in this picture...!! really miss it so much, feel wanna back in my teenager time(high school)~~xD I wearing my MEDAL which is i represent my school in competition RUNNING RACE. so we winn in that competition and our teacher give our MEDAL;)P **i was athletes in my high school so i been join alot of school competition of running race . i ever represent my state but now, it became of memories** how i wish i can be active like back days. now, even now just run a few minute already feel so exhausted and tired!!! huh....hahahaha:D


  1. cute photo <3 congrats on winning!!

  2. You look so cute! I like your uniform! Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)


  3. haha it''s always fun to look at old photos.

  4. cuteee!! for a second those doors looked like chocolate bars xD

  5. augustalolita : aww!! thank you sweet hear.:D

    Annabelle Fleur : hehe:D thank you sweetie, welcome:)

    alex : yuss, totally agree with you.:)

    Chelsea : haha..thank you.:D opps, it really do alike, i dint realize it..hihihihii xD