Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the missing of my life

The things i most regret is about GUITAR, back days, i really want a guitar and wanna learn, even i buy book to learn guitar chord. but there are always obstacles for me to buy guitar. well maybe it not my time yet to buy it.* i guess* even though, i couldn't buy guitar but i always go to my friends house to learn it so i know how to play guitar and guess what the very first song i play on guitar is AUTUMN IN MY HEAR song(Korean song). **proud of my own self** hahaha :D i really missing alot now, cus i been quit to play guitar since i enter my college life. always been busy my project,trip n organize events. so all the chord, i totally forgot all n need to learn from the very2 beginning to start again to play guitar. with guitar, really do make me feel better after all i stress about. and when i was first start learn guitar, i was really love to composed a song!!! well, that time, i was really dedicated on guitar and i figure out that, i can always make a song from those guitar.:) if i know all the chord already, so it really make me wanna learn guitar more. i still remember i composed alot song back day when i was learning how to play guitar and the melody keep spin on my head which make me feel wanna decorate my own song and telling about my life story. guitar can really make you express all you feeling, and it really do make you feel random awesome. it really something awesome for me to experience those feeling. it feel stranger at first but it now feel more comfortable. guitar really my best friend, wherever i wanna cry or talk about it, i always run on guitar and express it all. i wish i can learn guitar again, really miss those time i spend on it and learn how to play, learn how to make a song. and i hope i can buy guitar some day when i have enough $$$...hahaha :D

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