Monday, 7 March 2011


WOO....!!! My house gotta be a CHOCOLATE HEAVEN for a month!! cus, my little sister just back form her 2D1N LABUAN trip with her fellow workmate. for you information**LABUAN one of the place that with sell the most of CHOCOLATE AND ALCOHOL and it not cost alot..hehehehe:P **ok..ok...back story again..:)** my little also buy 1LITRE of label 5 for my mommy, well, my mom never drink these things but my mom will love to try it as she ever taste it at my aunt house before too:) so my lilttle sister by it for her but**i keep the bottle so that my mom wont drink it always.** hahaha:P

my mom really love drink alcohol that she never try before, cus my mom really super good on it!!! specially gasberg or tiger huhooooo, she totally can drinks for 10 bottles!!! hahahaha:P


  1. wow!!!! all that chocolate!!!! love it!!! <3

  2. thank you girl..:) nice to meet u:P