Saturday, 19 March 2011

Outing with lilttle sis&bro

That my little sister and me

That my little brother & ME

KFC is forever yummy!! :D
i wish i can buy this bags..hehe:P

my sister wanna buy that shoes, it super cute right? :)

sorry, it blur..hehehe xD
That my litt sis &bro, it shopping time for them:)

WOW!!! today was my outing day with my little sister and brother, accompany my brother go to buy shoes**basketball shoes* since he got competition this evening and for the one week. gotta best luck my brother!!! :D so we three siblings have a shopping and shopping since it BIG SALES TODAY!! so we buy alot things and it super cheap for today big sales;)
we having our lunch at KFC which is my favorite fast food ever!! and the chicken was so delicious and super love it. :D everything about KFC was so yummy and delicious until u cant stop to eat it!!! hahahaha:D


  1. love you picture! you have a lovely blog there ^^
    hope we can give each other a follow :)

    mandy x0x

  2. oh my gosh you are so cute.♥
    very sweet blog :)

    love and kisses,

  3. such a nice post!
    love your pics

  4. SOUR GIRL: thank you!!! u have a lovely blog too:)

    LYCHEERIUS:Thank you;) u too have a sweet blog:)

    WEFANCYFASHION:Thank you sweeties:)