Wednesday, 16 March 2011


You such a stranger person to me, cus i really never or couldn't ever to imagine or expected to meet you someday, and i don't know when that day come to us. maybe when we meet or bumped on street, we became stranger ... i always wanna be good on you but it really hard for me to make a move to such a stranger like you...u really a stranger for me, till remember when you keep chased on me and keep tease on me but i just like..."aww...ooh..okay boy" when you confess to me, i was like dint take its serious cus i really never ever believe you actually.. haha:)** cus i know you just play around one me** hahahahah;) with those small confess , really get me cant sleep for one day,haha:P i keep smile, laugh when think those time by myself.u really a cute friend to em but dunno hen i start to think that you really adore n darling person, you always keep a big smile on you self even how hard actually you are. you really a great person, and so kind, i really hope that you meet someone that you depend on her. but you always be my STRANGER PERSON.

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