Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Life now very tough on me, i really feeling depression lately, dunno whether is this the path that i really want or should take it, feeling depression really stress me out alot in many way. and actually i never really realize how much effort i do put it on and make it come true. and in some how, that never out work on me and dunno where is the wrong actually maybe on me or somehow. i really being so much stress and i really don't know how to yell it out or talk about it. but i really never regret it when i do it and i do upset it why have to be like this and it hard for me to make it positive way to think about. giving out me best shoot on it but really doesn't good enough to get it. haiz..dunno where actually am i wrong or mistaken. keep telling my self think positive way "i do will have a shoot on my life and my moment to shine on" which every time i fail i always make it positive way but deep in my heart it actually really upset me cus i been work out on it but at the end i still get a same result and it like a gamer for me cus, sometime you gonna win but sometime you gonna lose:( believe in luck, that must be but depend on it is not that good idea ta all.;( i always run ,run, run on my way to making myself better but actually it really giving me a big sign on my life. that sometime that never guarantee me and make me insecurity for the next chapter on my life. i did wanna a best things happen for myself my career but it seem like not easy to make my way without experience it. there alot things and important things that might belong to me but i miss these chance because of my fear that control all my confident self. dreaming alot sometimes that never come true without making my action on it. just with my mouth move, that doesn't work on me and just let me stay more dreaming land on it. i really does lay on my dreaming land more than take action on it. i just dare to dream but fear to move on it. in may way to live on, i just feel confident on my dream land but in reality i just a little human that really lost personality much.

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