Wednesday, 23 March 2011

:D haha, a random activity i do today.:) hahahahaha
i was so bored, so i end it like this..huhuhuuhuh



  1. Hi Alice! Thanks so much for subscribing to my blog! You're very pretty; I am quite envious of your large eyes hehe. You mention in your profile that you are mixed - would you mind if I asked what mix that is? :)

  2. You are so cute! :)

  3. RINNY : Hi rinny!! you welcome..:) you too very pretty;)actually it just a make up sweeties, and actually i dun really have a large eye, i really have small eye.:) just use some eye liner to make a big eye on me. haha:P i mixed blood in Chinese&Indonesia.D

    ANKYL : AWW!!! thank you sweetie,:)

  4. Aww thank you! Hehe your makeup skills are very good then, I can't make my eyes look as big as yours when I line them haha xD Oooo that's an interesting mix - do you speak any Chinese? I can speak Cantonese but I'm trying to learn Mandarin :)

  5. RINNY: haha:) i just draw it a big line in my eye. actually i just try it on but never tot that the result was quite good.:) hehe;) u should try it too.hehe:) yes, i can speak Cantonese abit only, i not really well on it..but for mandarin yes..eheh..ooh really? i tot you was a mix Chinese too? where you from? :D