Saturday, 30 April 2011


AWWWWWW!!!! Prince William finally getting married!!! and now, he officially is a husband to someone!!! hehe:D well, it was a excited moment to share with around the world as Prince Charles son Prince William get married to Kate Middleton. it such a wonderfully day on their wedding and being blessed by everyone in this world. and it really a big girls dream to be married with ROYAL WEDDING or have a WEDDING like that. *hrmm, I'm envy her* hehe:D I'm sure whole world is watching this wonderfully wedding yesterday ( 29 April 2011). and it was LIVE BROADCAST around world:P so i guess everyone must be watching this out and who gonna be KATE MIDDLETON wearing for the wedding dresses. everyone was soo exited with KATE MIDDLETON will be wearing and how do she look like.haha:D and veryoen really gonna feel envy to her as she really LUCKY be marry PRINCE WILLIAM and it like little girls wish come true. cus KATE MIDDLETON just ordinary person and she doesn't even have any blood form royal she just form a great family and normal and enjoy her life. so i gonna admit that she soo lucky and found her fairystle story and PRINCE of her life. i wish i could have a story just like her..hahahaha:D well, that mean, i dreaming alot right? hahahahahahaXD


Thursday, 28 April 2011


Huhuhuhu:P it been awhile dint updated my blog, well, kind busy this few days as my cousin come here so we have to bring he out and get intro with some nice place to hang out with.hehe:) it really tried for those day as he got appointment at here about him scholarship so have to stay here for exam and interview:) so we give he a tour of here well, it not much just a few place that quite famous at here. hihi:D another few days to MAY 2011!!! i feeling nervous to death and feeling sooooo scared man!!! as the time fly so fast!!! and i could't even catch any of time to do things that i wanna do.:(
Feeling getting old so fast now, :<

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Blink Side

Hi!! guys, how everyone doing? i bet everyone i doing good and fine:P it weekend so gonna sit at home and watch movie together with my family it MOVIE TIME!!! it been awhile didn't watch movie home since this year we been quote busy with study so there is no time to catch out all the movie, so we just reader sit at home and watch movie together:P as u can see why was my title name "THE BILND SIDE" oh gosh!!! if you ever watch this movie or read this book. totally was so great story inside and damn AWESOME2 story to tell us. it based on true story someone been through he life and fight for him life. i really moved by this story, the every scenes of this movie, i was shed tears and i cant stop shed my tears.ehhe:) cus for me, i kind like the types fall easily shed my tears when it come to sad movie, drama.hehe:) so i kind like "BABY GIRL CRY" ;D.

IT TRULY BASED STORY ON FAMOUS AMERICA FOOTBALL player MICHEAL OHER which is the all behind story of he journey life:)


For most of his childhood, 17-year-old Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) has been in foster care with different families throughout Memphis, Tennessee. Every time he is placed in a new home, he runs away. His friend's father, whose couch Mike had been sleeping on, asks Burt Cotton (Ray McKinnon), the coach of Wingate Christian school, to help enroll his son and Mike. Impressed by Mike's size and athleticism, Cotton gets him admitted despite his abysmal academic record.

At his new school, Michael is befriended by a boy named Sean Jr. "SJ" (Jae Head). SJ's mother Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) is a strong-minded interior designer and the wife of wealthy businessman Sean Tuohy (Tim McGraw). After a late night Thanksgiving school play, Leigh Anne notices Michael walking on the road, shivering in the cold; when she learns he intends to spend the night huddled outside the school gym, she offers him a place to sleep at her house. The next morning, when she sees Michael leaving, she asks him to spend the holiday with her family. Slowly, Michael becomes a member of the Tuohy family, even as Leigh Anne's rich friends wonder what she is doing. One even suggests that her teenage daughter Collins (Lily Collins) is not safe around him, much to Leigh Anne's disgust.

When Leigh Anne seeks to become Michael's legal guardian, she learns he was separated from his drug-addict mother when he was seven and that no one knows her whereabouts. She is also told that even though he scored low in almost every category, he is in the 98th percentile in "protective instincts".

After his grades improve, Michael is allowed to join the school football team. He has a shaky start due to his polite and gentle nature, yet after some encouragement by Leigh Anne to tap into his "protective instincts" and regard his teammates as he would members of his family, Michael dominates on the field. SJ sends out videos of the games to college coaches around the country. Leigh Anne discovers that to get a NCAA Division I scholarship, Michael needs a 2.5 GPA, so they hire a tutor, Miss Sue (Kathy Bates). Some of the teachers help out as well, and Michael ends up with a GPA of 2.52.

When coaches come to recruit Michael, Leigh Anne makes it clear that she prefers the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) as both she and her husband are alumni. Miss Sue, another Ole Miss alumna, tells Michael (who dislikes horror films) that the FBI buries body parts under the University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium for research; Leigh Anne particularly loathes that school. Michael commits to Ole Miss.

Subsequently, Michael and the Tuohys become the subject of an NCAA investigation. The investigator tells Michael that the Tuohys and Miss Sue are fervent Mississippi boosters, who are subject to special restrictions, and his high school coach got a job at Ole Miss after Michael chose the school. Michael confronts Leigh Anne, asking her if she only took him in so he would play football for her alma mater. Michael then goes to his birth mother's apartment in the projects. His old friends welcome him, but their leader makes crude remarks about Leigh Anne and Collins. In the ensuing fight, Michael dispatches three thugs and then flees the scene.

Leigh Anne searches for Michael. He finally calls her, and they meet. Leigh Anne tells him she will support any decision he makes. Michael satisfies the investigator by explaining that he chose Ole Miss because his whole family has gone there. Later, Leigh Ann and her family take Michael to the Ole Miss campus to begin college.

Monday, 18 April 2011


Hello guys!! how you guys been? hope everybody is doing well in this weekend.:) well, my weekeds going well as i(myself) and my family going out to have same road night? uppPPs, did i said "ROAD NIGHT" hahaha:) as you guys know, my little sister just get her car last Wednesday!!!! aww!!! i really happy for her. congratulation!!!! :D hehehe so we decided to have some road night at weekends with my mom and my other brother/sister. so we went to shopping mall to have some window shopping..haha:) cus honestly, we never really been to shopping in just a freedom way as back days, we dint have a any car so it pretty much very hard to us to go out and we have to take a public bus before nights time as there is no bus that working after 8:00pm so there is quite a limited time for us to have a window shopping wherever we going out. so we really happy have a car now, and we can go anywhere and can go at night time watch movie, have a dinner and so on.hehe:) "THANK GOD"

so, after we have a window shopping, we went to have dinner in the beach which there alot shop that selling alot of food and food stalls.:P there a various food that we can choose like Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food, western food and so on. so it quite very nice place to have dinner over there and you taste any food that you love.;) I REALLY LOVE TO EAT!!!! hahaha:P after we finished our dinner over there, we went to PARK which is the new park that visitors are entertained with musical water fountain and I must say I'm impressed with the display and not forgetting they play some of my favorite 90's songs as well which is it remind us alot back day songs.hehe:) we really having alot of fun time there with our mum and i was happy that we all enjoy this days with a great days with a big smile. ^__________^

Friday, 15 April 2011

My first year anniversary in here♥♥

!!! i just realize it been a year i been start using blogger now!!! wow!!! i couldn't realize it until i check it just now...well, it my 1 year anniversary blogger~~ :) well, i wanna make a wish here, i hope will keep using or keep write on my blog until the day i really feel wanna give up to write my blog..haha:) hope my lovely blog site will always stay healthy and pretty...hehehehehehehehe:D:D

i wanna say THANK YOU to my all lover followers here that support me here and comment my little space diary here.:) you guys was SOOO AWESOME!!! love you guys:) ♥♥♥♥♥♥


well, today my post will be about my the BEST&BEST song in my list now. as we turn our radio or watch from TV there alot of the latest song that really rock on. to as well to me too, nowadays, there alot song pretty doing well in chart now, but i being a big-big FANS on BIG BANG k-pop now, i mean, ireally love their song since their debut until now, they song really super good and it really awesome as they way their sing man!! i just fall for it!!! :) Here another song that greetings form their COMEBACK this year to all they FANS !!! :D

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

ALICE in the kicthen:)

well, today my post will be ALICE IN THE KITCHEN!!!! today i was in kitchen to make a food@@ spaghetti carbonara mushroom cream!! i just learn it from internet recipes so direct run to my kitchen to make some of it.since i doesn't have any thing to do so today i gonna learn and make some spaghetti fro my self. well, it might kind of training my self to cook well in future..hehehehe:P i mean, I'm not that kind of girl that really love to cook or in kitchen.! but in somehow, as the human being we have to know how to cooking for our self so we wont get starve by self. hahaha:)

my mom always nagging me said that" you should know how to cook girl, when you live apart from you family, staying by you self , you gonna learning to live independent girl", i was like" okay mom, i will learn it when i feel to learn it" wakakakakaka xD and now here i am in the kitchen!!! my mom was so shocked that, "WOW!!!, are you for real in the kitchen now to cook??" i like " YES!!! i am" **burst laughter** :D

So check out my very first journey to make a SPAGHETTI CARBONARA MUSHROOM CREAM:~~~:D

Ready to EAT now.... :D

Two item at the same time to cook....haha:P

my ingredient to put in my spaghetti

Boiling the spaghetti

Prepared my item for my first try spaghetti